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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Sparking My Curiosity

I just happened to check Ancestry for Kentucky wills. I found one for one of my collateral relatives, William Reed Bowman, a second cousin three times removed, who died in 1938. His will was dated 1936, and he made sure that a tenant farmer of his would receive the home the tenant was living in, unless said tenant farmer predeceased him. He names him as William Allen Bryant, a negro. William R. Bowman left no heirs other than his wife. 

The name William Bryant is a fairly common one in the Lexington, Kentucky area whether one was black or white. My great-great-great-great grandmother, Sarah Henry, was married to a David Bryan(t) and was a grandmother to a William Bryan(t). Depending on the record, you would see the name Bryan or Bryant. 

I have found a William A. Bryan in that area on the 1930 census and in the World War I and II draft registrations, and Kentucky death index. Do I have the correct person? I don't know, but I've enjoyed the search.

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Friday, June 4, 2021

Four Years Into MacBook Pro

Heaven only knows why I waited so long to buy a MacBook. Oh wait, I waited because my genealogy program had to run on Mac without running parallels or some other way of running it. I bought it when I did because RootsMagic made a version (6) that would run on crossover. Now I am into version 7 and testing version 8 which is a native Mac version. 

There are however two program I really miss. Transcript, which I fell in love with it instantly, and which I reviewed in 2012 and GenSmarts which I started using in 2011. Unfortunately neither are Mac compatible, and GenSmarts told me that it probably never would produce a Mac Version. Sigh. 

In RootsMagic 7 I can use the add media screen to transcribe, that is not possible in RM8, so far, which means I'll be transcribing in RM7 for the time being unless I find a decent app. 

I used windows computers for years. I hated them. My Mac has been wonderfully trouble free. Ahhh.

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Summer vs. Genealogy

It's been at least a week since I searched for anything in the pile on my desk. The reason? Summer. Yes, I know it's May and summer has not officially started, but it's warm out and the pool is open.

Not that having the pool open per se keeps me from doing genealogy, but there is a certain amount of maintenance with pool chemicals, brushing the sides of the liner, vacuuming the bottom, scooping bugs and the occasional squirrel out. Wow, I kind of wish I had taken a picture of the squirrel in the pool before hubby fished it out. Then it took some extra pool shock to sanitize. It's a good thing the water was still cold then. 

Since we took our first seasonal dip in the pool last Friday, by the time evening comes who wants to sit and  transcribe death records, search for obits, births and marriages? To be honest, I do, but when I try to sit in my office and do stuff like that I get drowsy. Hmmm.

This photo is from opening day. 

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