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Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Friday

I feel like I did when I was working. I'm glad the week is almost over. And I can't really say why. Maybe I am just glad January is finally over!

I look at my desk and don't actually see that any progress has been made. The truth will follow later when I check my stats. In that respect I think I will be pleasantly surprised.

Today is backup day for me so I better get busy.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - Webinar Hilarity!

Yes! I was able to log into yesterday's webinar on "Ten Reasons Your Ancestor Was in Canada" by Kathryn Lake Hogan. And I also got to say hi to her before hand - glad I had my headset on! And I made her laugh commenting on why I was watching. You see, I do have ancestors who lived in Canada, including my great-great grandfather who was born there in 1839.

Therein lies my problem. My ancestors emigrated to Ontario from Scotland - The Maitlands in 1828 and the Skirvings in 1833. Both had extremely difficult times. How Alexander Maitland and Helen Skirving met, I do not know. I do know they married in Toronto on November 8, 1836.

The first 6 of their 9 children were born in Canada, and starting with daughter Christina, born in 1850, the rest were born in Missouri. The youngest child, William, was born in 1857 and died then. Perhaps he was stillborn. I only have family information to go on that.

This is a transcription of a portion of The History of Ray County, Missouri, p.770-771.

Alexander Maitland - Was born in Toronto, now Ontario, Canada, June 13, 1839. He is of Scotch extraction, both of his parents being natives of Scotland. His father, Alexander, sen., came first to the United States in the year 1835, but remaining only two years, returned to Canada. Here he was married to Miss Helen Skirving, about the year 1836. Our subject was the second child and oldest son of this union. He received his education in the excellent schools of Canada, finishing at Knox College, Toronto, with the exception of a short time he attended school at St. Louis, after coming to Missouri. In 1852, Mr. Maitland accompanied his father to the United States, and made his home for about a year in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. The next year his father moved to Ray County, and was employed for a year as business manager by Colonel William Moore. Colonel Moore died in 1854, and Mr. Maitland and J. Lightner, of Lexington, Missouri, rented his property and continued the business for another year.  He then rented a farm in the Ray county bottom, upon which he resided with his family until the year 1860. In that year, Alexander, Jr., left home and began life for himself. Going to the mountains of Colorado, he engaged in gold mining for about six months, but not meeting with encouraging "luck," he left off mining and returned to Ray County. Not having been naturalized, he was yet a British subject, and in consequence, did not suffer molestation from any source during the stormy times after his return, until 1865.

As you can see, they moved back and forth a lot for the times. I do have a census for Alexander Maitland Jr in June of 1860 in Ray county, Missouri. I also have one dated October 1860 in Colorado.

Other than their marriage record in Canada, I have no other records of Alexander Maitland, Sr., and Helen Skirving. At any rate, they died in Lexington, Missouri and are buried there.

Although some of my ancestors arrived in Canada 186 years ago, find records on them is difficult. Very few passenger lists survived from before 1865. For all I know, my mother's Alsatian ancestors arrived in New York state via Canada. I may never know.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Boegler and Lacher

On January 29, 1787, Christian Boegler and Anastasia Lacher were married in Roeschwoog, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France. They were my great-great-great grandparents and the parents of Marie Catherine Boegler who married Josef Francis Zimmeth.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frigid Weather

I remember bitter cold weather. We lived in Michigan at the time. I never dreamed we would have below-freezing weather here in mid-TN as often as we have this winter. The kids are rapidly running through their "snow" days. To be fair, ice is more of a problem, especially on school bus routes.

When my kids were in school, there had to be 8 inches of snow before they got a snow day. Maybe they would have one or two a year - except in 98-99. We had horrible snow that year.

When I was a kid I remember 1 snow day. I actually got sent to school in about a foot of snow -- I walked four blocks. Took forever, but got there, and school was cancelled. Now, my dad worked there, couldn't he have called and said "There's no school today!" I waited around a while and warmed up before heading back home. By that time there were drifts up past my knees.

You would think that weather like this would be conducive to working on my genealogy. Um. No. Instead I am working on a wrapping paper project in my craft room. Just waiting for DH to cut the wood for me. Then I can get moving on it. He said it is 50 degrees in the garage. Sure is a lot warmer than the 14 degrees outside that feels like 4 degrees!

Tomorrow, I have a webinar at 1 p.m. I hope to remember this time and get signed on in time. Last time I got locked out. 

In the meantime, working hard on my desk. One side is really neat and the other side leaves a lot to be desired! Problem is the left side holds the appointments and stuff that I need to find a place for. Guess I should work on that in the meantime.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

No Closer to Her Maiden Name ...

Friday, I stared at a piece of paper for about an hour. It was from the Michigan Death index, 1971-1996 on It was for Victoria Kruszka. It took me a few minutes to remember to whom she was married. And I am not even sure married is the correct term.

Victoria Maiden-name-unknown was married first to Wladislaw Babinski, probably in Pennsylvania. They had one daughter, Helen, born in Pennsylvania and the rest were born in Michigan. Those would be Bernice, Anthonia or Anita, Stanley and Edward. 

According to my late father-in-law, Adam Kruszka never married. And yet, they appear in 1940 in Detroit with daughter Dolores, and Victoria's children from her previous marriage, which ended in divorce before 1930. I will note that Victoria is the one who gave the information to the census taker.

I really didn't stare at the paper so much as write all over it to document the info on the children. I searched today for obituaries for the children and for Victoria, but sadly nothing found. At least none that I can say, yes, that is her or him!

This might explain why my pile-o-paper reduces ever-so-slowly!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sympathy Saturday - Ovid Roy McCarty

Ovid McCarty was born October 21, 1906 in Lancaster, Virginia to Benjamin Franklin and Louisa Anna (Spencer) McCarty.  He was married May 26, 1928 in Detroit, Michigan to Myrtle Mary Whiteside, daughter of Sam and Mary "May" Zimmeth Whiteside.

Ovid died on January 25, 1969 in Lancaster, Virginia.

Ovid was my second-cousin-once-removed, Karen's grandfather. The McCarty family actually marries into one of my Chinn lines (through the Downmans) wayyyyy back. The Downmans are my dad's line, the Whiteside/Zimmeth line is my mom's. 'Nuff said.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Of Genealogy and Dialing Down

First, I got through some of my pile of paper this week. Yay, me! There is really nothing like actually entering your information in a genealogy program to learn it. I am still frustrated by the necessity of using the mouse to move around the keyboard, but have to admit that I am actually becoming accustomed to my mouse.

I am working on my Kettler/Knost/Meyer lines in Auglaize county, Ohio. Some of the work I did on this family, I did many, many years ago. I have been wading through my file system, and wondering how the heck I read these German records all those years ago. It is heartening to know that when I pick up a short stack of paper, I am seeing to-do lists and cemetery book from our trip to Lexington, Kentucky last fall! Woo hoo. The cemetery book that I keep is about a third of this pile. It's slow but progress is being made.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, which in effect supplies or controls the supply of power throughout Tennessee has asked us all to dial back our thermostats in yet another cold snap. It's 5 degrees with a real feel of -2 here. I wish this cold would head back north, I've had enough of it. 

I read somewhere that keeping the temperature cooler, helps burn fat. Hmmm. Of course they recommend you keep your heat at 63 degrees. Sorry, that is too cold when it is 5 degrees outside.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - Getting Behind Again

I am so far behind on what I want to accomplish this year, and we're only three weeks into it! It boggles my mind. I've been spending so much time doing other things that the dust bunnies are multiplying under my couch! You know, I don't mind being busy, but I'd rather be busy doing things that are fun, like research, data input and cemetery stomping.

Alas, the weather here is not cooperating much. It snows, it turns arctic  - below freezing here in mid-Tennessee is not that rare, but below zero is, and we've had more than our share of it. I think the kids have been back in school maybe a week?

I try to buckle down, but get distracted easily. And there is nothing like cuddling with the DH and the cat while watching Big Bang Theory which we got hooked on thanks to my cousins.

For now, it is back to work slowly working through the paper pile. 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Watkins and Woodson x 2

On January 22, 1914 in Richmond, Ray county, Missouri, Miss Henrietta Watkins (daughter of Edward T. and Martha Maitland Watkins) married Mr. Harrie Philip Woodson, Jr.

If that isn't enough, Mary Edward Watkins, Henrietta's sister married Harrie's brother James Robert Woodson on the same day.

Henrietta and Mary were my first cousins, twice removed.  By 1920 both couples were living in Texas.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Playing Catch-Up! So What Else Isn't New?

Playing catch-up on several different things. First of all is the blog. As you can see. Secondly is the pile-o-paper. I think in the last week, I've added about 100 sheets to the pile. Yes, I am trying to reduce the paper, what I print is on scrap paper and is just a reference with sources, such as Find-a-Grave entries, entries and FamilySearch stuff. Some are newspaper articles I've copied or scan. Generally for those I use Transcript (search my blog for references to this gem.)

I am getting to know Legacy pretty well at this point. There are still things I think are buggy and I hope they get fixed soon. Latest build was downloaded by me last night. Hey, Legacy, it would be nice if you told us what you were fixing in the updates. Just saying!

Back to work for me.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Moanin' - I Hate These Distractions - Maybe!

Lately, I've been distracted by our health insurance. Our "company" changed prescription services yet again. And it took them a week to get us into their system so I could reorder my meds. Well, they cancelled one and almost two weeks later, I am waiting for the important one.

To top it off, the company where I used to get my blood testing supplies doesn't participate. I used to be able to get my diabetic supplies locally. Not any more. So I spent the day trying to find a mail order place. I think I found one, but they need to get the script from my doctor and then it will take two weeks to process; who knows how long to receive the strips. The downside of this is I will run out of strips in the meantime. Oh and my insurance company cut my benefit, so they will only pay for what they call a 100 day supply. Sure if I only tested once a day. So I have to call my doctor's office and get yet another script from them. Which I am sure I will have to pay for out of pocket. Blah. I didn't think stress was good for diabetics. My blood sugar has been really weird lately. Gee, I wonder why.

The good distractions are seeing daughters. Older daughter and I are having fun doing things at her house. Her cats are getting used to seeing us.Well, Tonks is. Luna is still a little shy.

Our own cat, Mouse, has taken to plopping herself on my lap whenever I take a break from something. She at least is a calming influence.

Saturday night, I finally took some time and started working on my obit & death notice, and marriage files, transcribing and linking them. In doing so, of course, I ended up adding a dozen sheets to the pile-o-paper. This is progress?

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sympathy Saturday - Edwin Parker Bowman

How I love family names. They do make it so much easier to find death records.

Edwin Parker Bowman, son of Edwin Forest Bowman and Alice Victoria Robinson, was born January 2, 1889 in St. Louis, Missouri. He married Mabel Tucker about 1912, and died in Houston, Texas on January 18, 1978.  His father and my great grandfather, Frank G. Bowman were brothers, making him my first cousin twice removed.

The family names? Edwin for his father, Parker for the Parkers of Lexington, Kentucky - his paternal grandfather being John Parker Bowman - and obviously Bowman.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Report

Two death notices this week entered into Legacy 8 along with several headstones and info from Find-a-Grave. Not my usual fast paced stuff, but happy to get anything done at this point. Spent part of the day yesterday at older daughter's house and part of the day trying to straighten out health insurance. They certainly don't make it easy to get blood testing supplies or meds.

And then I spent part of the day at the salon getting my pedicure. OMG! I love it. You can't do anything but relax.

Today will be better is my mantra.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - BLOGGER GRRRRRR

And here I thought I was to blame for posts being posted early or not being posted at all. Nuh-uh. I am blaming it on Blogger. I was trying to schedule a post and it saved it as a draft AND scheduled it. I have enough issues getting my posts written and in order without issues from Blogger.

I don't like change - yes, I am getting to be one of those people. I have enough issues with my stupid health insurance company changing my benefits - but let's not inform the patient. Same with with diabetic testing supplies company. Why inform the patient. 

With all that is going on around here, I don't need more change. Maybe later I will consider a change. Probably not.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Zalot & Synos

On January 15, 1912 in Montague, Massachusetts, Andrzej (Andrew) Zalot and Wiktorya (Victoria) Synos were married. Both immigrated in 1907 from Poland, Andrzej from Tryncza and Wiktorya from Nowy Borek. I do believe her father, Michael, was actually Maciej Synos.  Andrzej and Wiktorya are DH's grandparents.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Dozen Pieces of Paper Later ...

Oh yeah, it's going, but very slowly. And it is all I can do to not add to my pile-o-paper!  Right now, I am working on death records I found on Family Search for New York state. Then I stop to see if I can find an obit. Or I find the record for the wife, but can't find the husband's. And the name is hopelessly Polish and I have heard they switched back and forth between "American" names and their real last name. Fact or fiction, the husband eludes me. But I did find his wife and that is a victory of sorts. Now if I could just find them on Find-a-Grave!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, Monday - Am I Where I Should Be?

After an extremely hectic week, I am glad to say that I typed in a death notice into Legacy last night. And I linked the image to the person in question. Hot diggity! Maybe at this rate, I will get this pile done by December 31, 2014!

Lately, I have been wondering about myself and my subscriptions. I have been so busy, I've hardly peeked at Ancestry or Family Search in ages. Or or Genealogy Bank.  However, I know that will not be the case for long. I'll go on a research spree and hopefully uncover something wonderful soon.

I hope!

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Sympathy Saturday - John Atwood Bowman

From the Lexington Herald (Lexington, Kentucky) 12 January 1905; p3 c2


Prominent Trimble County Man then Crawled Into River.

 Milton, Ky., Jan. 11 - J. Atwood Bowman, one of the best known and most reputable farmers of Trimble county, living in Hunter's Bottom, near here, committed suicide this morning in an unusual manner. Bowman attended the lodge meeting of the Knights of Pythias here last night, and was one of the most interested and active members present. He was in a jolly, good humor, and to several of his friends detailed plans for the future. After the lodge meeting he decided the weather was too severe to make the trip home, and the night was spent at the hotel here.

Early this morning, after a hearty breakfast, Mr. Bowman mounted his horse and started for Hunter's Bottom, three miles distant. About a mile out of town, it seems, he dismounted, and led his horse down to the bank of the river. Sticking his umbrella into the crusted snow, he pulled of his overcoat and placed it on the umbrella, with his hat on top of the coat.

Going out on the ice, Mr. Bowman, with a large stone, broke a hole and crawled into the water, drowning himself.

The horse proceeded, riderless, to the Bowman home, and was first seen at the kitchen door, something never known before. Mr. Bowman's family began a search, and followed the horse's hoof prints in the snow down to the very edge of the river, where the suicide had taken place. The body was found under the ice close to the opening and was taken to the Bowman home.

Mr. Bowman was about fifty-four years of age and active in Pythian and church work. He married a daughter of Dr. Owens in Louisville. No possible cause is assigned for the suicide.

[John Atwood Bowman was my second cousin 3 times removed. He was a son of Abram Hite Bowman and Mary Atwood Tomlinson.]

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Freaked Out Friday - No Rest for the Weary!

Older daughter emailed me that one of her crazy cats, Luna, already broke one of the childproof locks on the kitchen cabinets. She got trapped in one yesterday while I was installing them. I swear I checked, but she is an ace at hiding. So today, while DH and handyman are working on installing new locks, I will replace/repair. I guess I better get toolbox ready.

Tomorrow, we are going to Nashville to see younger daughter and her man & boy. This is the first time we will see them this year. I am looking forward to seeing them. 

I need to find time to use the Beginner's video for Legacy. Again. Some of it is so basic, but I am moving from RootsMagic to Legacy and some of Legacy's routines are just not coming easy to me. So, we will see. Maybe I might find time for that!

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - A Rest of Sorts

I can't believe I could sleep in today. It sure has been a busy, busy week. Older daughter is moved and slowly unpacking. I went to look at one of her kitchen drawers today and one of her cats jumped out at me. Seems they are experts at opening cupboard doors. In this case, we think she got in through the cupboard. So, on our agenda today was to search out child safety locks!

I heard back from Legacy on my media backup issue. Well, duh, I hadn't even considered I didn't have enough space on my external hard drive. I deleted some duplicate stuff and now I am all set to back up a few times. It looks like a larger external drive might be necessary. Hah! I remember our first hard drive which was 40 megabytes. Well, that is something to look at.

And it seems we are starting to have something of a thaw with temps slightly above freezing yesterday. I think I can put my down coat away again!

Hope you all are staying warm and toasty.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wedding Wednesay - NOT!

I didn't find any marriages that occurred on January 8 in any year in my database. Most weeks, there is no issue finding a marriage on almost any date. I do have a dear friend who celebrates her anniversary this month so Happy Anniversary, Jeanne & Dave!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Of Exhaustion and Legacy 8

I've not had either the desire or the energy to tackle Legacy 8 the last couple days. Older Daughter  got moved today - by movers - not by us. I understand the stairs at her apartment were really icy. The last thing we did last night was move her kitties - Tonks and Luna - to the new place. The plan was to lock them up in Sara's new office during the move. DH was in a panic this morning when the cats were "missing." Actually, they were hiding. Luna wound herself around the pedestal of the swivel rocker and Tonks was found hiding in the bathroom cabinet. DH got Luna in the office and Tonks was lured out by her grammy, and put in the office. Unfortunately, she can open the door! I found a scarf to tie around that doorknob and attached it to the hall closet door knob. We were all set for movers to bring stuff in.

Later, when I had a chance to look at Legacy 8 and try to figure out why I didn't have the system tab at top, I discovered it had the same function as the Big L I had on the upper left. Changing the style gave me the system tab back. Whew. That was weird.

However, tonight, I am going to put my feet up and relax with my own cat, Mouse, on my lap!

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Legacy 8 - The Webinar!

All I can say, is that I have been so busy, I wasn't in my office for the reminder on the "What's New in Legacy 8" webinar. I was bummed that I could not sign on. However, Saturday evening I sat down and watched the entire webinar and learned some new stuff. I am puzzled though by the difference in Geoff's screen that showed a system tab in Legacy 8. I don't have that! And of course I can't find anything in the documentation for it either. More exploration is necessary!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Moanin'

I am writing this on Sunday, because I know Monday will be crazy. First and foremost, I have to drag myself out of bed for my quarterly blood work. Then back home to pack up the boxes in our car for their move to Older Daughter's house. Closing is at 11 - God Willing and the snow doesn't drift. Or frigid temps don't knock out power lines ... etc. I think this will be the coldest day we will have experienced here in Tennessee with wind chills in the -14 range. My down coat is around somewhere!

After closing, meeting Older Daughter at her house with cars full of stuff she has been storing at our house in my craft room. I moved everything out into the dining room staging area, so that I could work on some projects. Nice to have that space back.

In my office, things are slowly getting done. Hooray! I still have the almost four inch pile of paper on my desk, but I have slowly been whittling it down! Yeah!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sympathy Saturday - Zerah Tousey Percival

On January 4, 1853 in Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, Zerah Tousey Percival, youngest son of Dr. Jabez and Betsey Stearns Percival. He was my great-great-great uncle and youngest brother of Dr. John Stearns Percival my great-great-great grandfather.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Did I Dent It?

Yesterday, I worked most of the day on the pile on my desk. The pile that is almost 4 inches high. I deleted much by transcribing, entering, linking, etc. Oh, but that wasn't enough, I also added to the pile. This probably explains why it never really disappears. I know there is stuff in there that will get filed, discarded, or looked at and evaluated, but it is intimidating.  You can see that it towers over my mouse.

Today, I have a Webinar to attend for Legacy. I'm hoping it will make it a little easier to use. The more I use it, the more bugs I've found. Well, to me they are bugs. Hoping it gets a little easier to use.
Or more second nature. Time will tell.
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - Those Pesky Resolutions

Finally, it is time to record for all posterity, my 2014 New Year's Resolution(s)! Are you ready?

First and foremost, I need to clear off the piles on my desk. There is one on here that has been a year in the making. Mostly it has been added to and may include the Legacy Family Tree 8.0 book. And my to-do lists from Fort Wayne, Lexington, Kentucky and Lexington Cemetery. Pretty much those are up to date (I hope) but I may need to go over them. And I've probably added a quarter-inch to the pile over the last week.

Second, become familiar with Legacy 8.0. I used RootsMagic since it's release almost 11 years ago. Before that I used Family Origins. But RM is sadly lacking App-wise, so I made the move to Legacy and Families, the Android version of the app. 

I am not going to reiterate ongoing projects. It's sufficient to say that there are other ongoing projects and I am working on them.

So that's it. Hope you are making headway on your own resolutions!

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