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Thursday, March 15, 2018

23andMe Says What?

I was looking at my 23andMe results at lunch today.  I am pretty sure that <0.1% Native American was not there before. I would have noticed. However, there is one line I've never been able to document past my g-g-g grandfather, Nathaniel Davidson. So perhaps there could be some Native American.

So, I had to look at my Ancestry timeline. The one that is covered up is Scandinavian, but that wasn't the one I was interested in. My Nathaniel Davidson was born about 1797 (according to the 1850 census, the last census he appeared in.)

My mind conjures up all sorts of scenarios. I so wish I could connect with a descendant of Nathaniel. Or even one of his parents, but I think it's unlikely.

*There is also a segment that is 0.8% Broadly European. I presume that is like my dog's 50% they couldn't define what breed because it contained too many breeds?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trying to Get My Genealogy Groove On

I am in my office (obvious?) trying to figure out what to work on first. In all honesty, it should be my desk. It is a mess. However, when I do get in here to work, it's usually something other than my desk. It's very disorganized (for me) and I am finding it hard to concentrate.

In the meantime, milestones have passed: my birthday (I'm 28 and leave it at that); the anniversary of our first date (39 years ago); and the 15th anniversary of my dad's death. Normally at least the last two would had drawn some comments from me. Truthfully, other things have been pulling at me lately.

I am still interested in the family history, but have gotten behind in entering information. The DNA is fascinating but people who don't answer your emails or online messages are really irritating. People who shut you down irritate me more.

I guess I should stop complaining and figure out a plan for this mess.

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