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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

After Easter

OMG! I have finally recovered from Easter. It gets crazy when the guest room and couch fill up with my kids et al. So glad older daughter lives nearby and not far, far away!

This year, the weather cooperated slightly and we were able to cook on the grill - chicken! We paired that with potato salad, green bean casserole, rolls and dessert. Younger daughter made black bottom banana cream pie. WOW! It was delicious. Older daughter brought cheesecake. YUM.

Too bad it got below freezing the night before and the Easter Bunny was not able to hide the eggs outside this year. Our favorite 7 year old was able to follow the clues from EB to find the eggs with special treats in them. EB does love to start scavenger hunts.

Weather permitting tomorrow we are doing some outside work. Today was 80+ and it felt so good. Hoping the storms hold off.

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