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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Not What I was Looking For. I'm Not Complaining!

A friend, who also happens to be a very distant cousin (by marriage) and fellow researcher, always says, "Review! Review Review!"

I agree with this wholeheartedly. And it was because of this that I took a look at Find-a-Grave to see if I could find any burials for my Webb family of Orange County, Virginia. I did find a Find-a-Grave record for her and an article celebrating the 250th anniversary of Blue Run Baptist Church, Somerset, Orange County, Virginia. You can find the article here.

On Find-a-grave, there is a photo of her tomb along with the explanation that the tomb was probably built by the family slaves on the spot where she died after being thrown from her horse at the age of 42. The transcription says the stone says 1785; the story and the family bible say 1783. 

I find it ironic that this woman is the only one of her immediate family that is entombed or even has a marker. 

I hope you click on the link. It's an interesting story about the church.

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Monday, December 19, 2022

I'm Reviewing the Situation

Periodically, I like to review what I have on my lines and my hubby's lines. One of my brick walls is the 1910 census for his grandmother. She was in the US  for three years by this time, and still I can't find her. And my search again yesterday turned up nothing.

However, I got sucked down a rabbit hole looking for her older sister's third husband's death. My records show he died in April 1969. Mary Synos Wdowicki Walenty Schwetz died in August 1969. So, in searching for just Schwetz in Michigan I found the following death notice:

I had no idea she died in Baltimore, Maryland. You'll note four children listed in the Death notice from the Detroit, Michigan Free Press. Hubby had no idea either. Certainly his mother, who was one of Mary's nieces, did not pass on that information. 

Having found the death notice, I went on the hunt for information about Mary in Maryland. And I found an obituary, which is kind of intriguing.

I like the part where her son, Ben is the only survivor! Hope his siblings didn't see this.

Working on any of my mother-in-law's lines has always been a challenge. Church records for her father, Andrzej Zalot, have not been filmed. He was born in Tryncza, Przemysl, Poland in 1890 and died in 1940. Her mother's line has partial records, and Wiktarya Synos was born in 1893 in Borek Nowy, Rzeszow, Poland. I was told that Mary and Wiktarya (Victoria) were not close. Grandma Zalot did not approve of her sister's three marriages. Victoria was widowed in 1940 and remained one until 1986 when she passed. Mary married twice after her husband Walter Wdowicki passed. And apparently did not waste time remarrying, which to her sister was scandalous. 

Which now leads me to Ben Wdowicki, her eldest child. He was born Bronislaus Stanislaus Wdowiecki (according to Massachusetts records) in 1915. He was a Master Sergeant in the Army (branch of service not verified at this point) and appears to have married Irene Garrigan in New York. As you can see, this research for Ben and Irene is in its infancy. I've not been able to find a death notice for Ben, just the above and a find-a-grave record.  

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