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Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Madness, continued, German World War I Casualty Lists

 Every so often, Ancestry leaves me scratching my head. The Casualty lists below confuse me, because they sure look like they are in German to me. Sorry in advance for anyone who is trying to vie on their phone!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Madness - Not Basketball

Oh my gosh February zipped through. My wonderful hubby and I had the chance to take a weekend trip down to Huntsville, Alabama. What a charming place. We attended an RV show the first night and the second day we explored the Space and Rocket center. We loved it and will go back. It was so nice to have a nice warm weekend away.

We also had a nice visit from our Knoxville cousins. That day the weather was spectacular and we had lunch outside at one of our favorite west side restaurants. In February! 

It certainly was a strange February. The weather for the most part was warm and sunny with some scattered cold days and rain. Actually, I can see buds on the neighbors tree.

I had some interesting correspondence with Percival descendants recently via Ancestry. And a Zimmeth/Shwarz descendant via Wikitree. While I really love the correspondence, it distracts me from and adds to that pile of paper I keep trying to work through.

The storms continue to roll through this week. I woke this morning to tornado sirens. Not my favorite way to wake up for sure. I really hope these storms roll through eventually.

Now it's time to back up my data. Have a good one.

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