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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sympathy Saturday - Hester Chinn Trapp

MRS. TRAPP IS DEAD.  Passes away at an early hour today after long illness.
Mrs. Hester Trapp died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Wheatley, 173 Jefferson street at 4 o'clock this morning. The funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Central Christian Church, of which she was a faithful member, Rev. I. J. Spencer officiating.

Mrs Trapp had been ill since last winter with a serious attack of grippe and had been confined to her bed about two months. She was about 61 years old.

Mrs. Trapp was the widow of the late J. D. Trapp, who was for some years manager of the Transylvania Printing Company when that concern published the "Apostolic Times" one of the ablest edited journals of the Christian Denomination. Mrs Trapp was the sister of County Clerk Claude Chinn and Mr. A. B. Chinn, of this city, and Mr. Joseph Chinn and Mrs. Elizabeth Bowman of Lexington, Missouri. She was the daughter of the late Dr. J. G. Chinn and is survived by the following loving children:  Dr. C. W. Trapp, Mr. David A. Trapp, Mrs. Ernest Longmire and Mrs. Frank Wheatley all of this city, and Mr. William C. Trapp, of Cleveland.

Mrs. Trapp was a devoted mother and a woman of fine Christian character whose death will be deeply and widely mourned.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Wait is Over! Legacy 8 At Long Last!

At long last, the wait is over. Tuesday I finally got the new version (8) of Legacy Family Tree.

I've played with Legacy 7.5 and followed some of the tutorials for 7.5 and sneak peaks at version 8 (deluxe) and I have to say, I was really happy with how some of the stuff imported. Like my shared events. That is one of the new things for Legacy that I was waiting for since I've been using that for a few years in RootsMagic.

And yes, I've been using RootsMagic since it came out and Family Origins since version 3. We just might be able to get up and using it quickly.

My first test was Wednesday to see if I could search for marriages that occurred on November 27th. If you read my blog on Wednesday, you saw that I had the marriage for my g-g-g-g-g-g grandparents, Henry Oliphant & Agnes (Ann) Archibald.

So far, so good. Hopefully, the manual will arrive soon and I can really start entering stuff.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Archbald and Oliphant

On  Nov 27, 1736, in Eckford, Roxburgh, Scotland, Henry Oliphant married Agnes (Ann) Archbald (or Archibald.) They were my great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Things Just Got a Little Busier

It is two days before Thanksgiving and I haven't gone shopping for the meal items yet. I can't believe it. Talk about being behind. There have just been a few things cropping up at the last minute for something else.  And then yesterday, it started snowing. Yeesh! We don't normally get snow this early and it has been unseasonably cold. It really affects younger daughter, her guy and the little guy, since they will be coming from Nashville, just over an hour away. Hopefully, this mess will all be gone in two days!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Out There!

The last few days seem like Michigan weather. It's been cold and windy, with weather in the below freezing category. Yuck. This is mid Tennessee, it's not supposed to be this cold in November.

DH and I are still busy around the house, trying to set things back in order, while sorting things for donation and books/videos for trade. It's a huge job sometimes. And it has left me very little time for the things I want to do, like crafts and family history.

Of course, I sadly underestimate the time a particular task may take. Sometimes I can sit and sort photos for quite a while, other times I get this uncontrollable urge to walk away and work on something else.

And, I have not even started my Christmas shopping. Hopefully, I can get it done quickly when I do start!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sympathy Saturday - Stella Mruk Klijewski

Buffalo Evening News
Third section page 27
May 24, 1944

Two Traffic Deaths Raise Toll to 65

Passage from article:

Mrs. Stella Klijewski, 38, of 97 Sumner Pl. who suffered a fractured skull when she was struck by a streetcar Tuesday morning at Walden Ave and Sumner Pl. died in Emergency Hospital Thursday morning at 9:45 o'clock. The operator or the car, police say, was Robert Lundsay Jr., 35 a Negro.

Stella was the first wife of Frank Klijewski or Klein, DH's great uncle.  She was survived by her husband and two daughters.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday - Not Quite the End!

That day is here. The day I've been longing for and dreading for years. The day that I organize photos. So I started with a bin and now have them sorted as to the ones that are dated and those that are not. There are also photos sent me by relatives Those are totally separate as a good number of those are genealogical in nature. Not quite sure how I will handle those, but my nice neat craft room? Not so neat any more.

I've actually been able to put my hands on some photos that I haven't seen in a while, too. Some I thought I had lost in the move. Whew!

Now it's time for me to go back to work. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Too-Too Thursday! Running Late

No matter what I seem to do, and how I try to catch up, I feel like I am falling further behind. It's an awful feeling. Now with the holidays fast approaching - Thanksgiving is next week - I feel the pressure more.

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, having the kids around and enjoying meals together. Nothing better than that. It's just trying to stay ahead of the holidays this year seems impossible. My mental list keeps running through my head ad infinitum.

Now I am wondering how to get the tree up and decorated without the cat participating.  It might go up just a little bit later this year!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Buford and Shelby

On November 20, 1832, Manville Twyman Buford married Elizabeth Shelby in Washington, Mason county, Kentucky. He was my second cousin 5 times removed. Someday, maybe I will prove that his wife, Elizabeth Shelby was also related!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Terrified - I Really Am!

Things I fear:

1. I am afraid that the pile on my desk will never go away. It certainly seems that way, since I am constantly adding to it.

2. I'm not really AFRAID of technology. I used to love "new" things and updates. Sometimes, though, they seem to overwhelm. I started using a computer when you had to learn DOS and Basic to understand how the computer worked and how to get from program to program. I embraced Windows 3.1. Then came along Windows 95 which screwed up computers everywhere.

3. I am afraid I will never get my photos organized and in albums. That is really my goal, to organizing everything by year and slap those suckers into scrapbooks and albums. Oh and scan them too.

4. I am afraid of taking on one more project. Seems that I hardly have the energy to accomplish everything I want to do now!

5. I am terrified of learning a new genealogy program (still waiting for Legacy Family Tree 8.0) which works in conjunction with Families app for my tablet. Also much trepidation with Windows 8. I seem to lost a lot of my shortcut keys, along with having to switch to a mouse.

and finally,

6. I'm afraid I'll run out of things to blog about. Hmmm. Nahhh!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

My Newest Desktop Accessory

All right, I caved. I threw in the towel. I waved the white flag of surrender. I bought a computer mouse. I have happily worked mouse-free for the last 15 years except for when I worked. There, a mouse was a necessity.

I love my new Toshiba laptop, but I really hate the touch pad on it. I may have mentioned this. I really liked all my past touch pads, but this one has me pulling out my hair. Figuratively. I am happy to say that DH is still the only bald member of this family.

Just because I caved, didn't mean I had to get an ugly one! Yep, they've come a long way. So far we are getting along just fine. I've even learned to use the scroll wheel!

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sympathy Saturday - John Smith Bush

John Smith Bush was born September 11, 1819 in Woodford county, Kentucky to Philip Bush and Vicy Tousey (she is related to me through the Percival line,) He died on November 16, 1850 in Covington, Kentucky.

He married first, Mary Jane Riddell, in July 1843. She died an untimely death in September 1844 at the age of 18.

Second, he married Elizabeth Bush Smith on October 2 1850 by whom he had three children, one born in 1846, one in 1848 and the last was born in January 1851, two months after he passed on November 16, 1850.

He is buried in Linden Grove Cemetery in Covington, and his Find-a-Grave memorial can be found here.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Finishes Up Strong?

We spent yesterday with cousins in Knoxville. What a blast. Cousin's wife is one of the people who got me really going on the family - mom's side that is.

She decided she was going to concentrate on her hubby's Meyer line, which is his direct paternal line, and my mom's maternal line. So together, we explored some great information. The result of that today is that I have been trolling for obituaries. Some success, with results emailed to Cousin's wife. is one of my favorite sites. I somehow manage to pull a lot of information out of the obits they've put online. I even found one in Harrisonburg, Virginia!

Back to work!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Too Too Thursday: Time Out

It seems since DH and I returned from vacation, we've been really busy. Well, not just seems, we have been. Cabinets are installed and mostly filled in the craft room, living room ones remain empty for now. Monday, we took advantage of the 60+ degrees and drained and refilled the spa. That always brings more work because then the chemicals have to be adjusted.

Wednesday afternoon, younger daughter and her boyfriend came for dinner, along with older daughter. It was a great visit on a day which included spa maintenance, leaf blowing, a little shopping and swapping our stored paint from cans that were about to leak in the seams. 

So today, DH and I are taking a day off and going to visit my cousins in Knoxville. I am prepared to be exhausted when I get home. It's a fun day, but a long drive. Cousin's wife is an avid family researcher so we always have lots to talk about!

Enjoy your day!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Craig and Crooker

Henrietta Agnes Craig, daughter of Philip Hawkins Craig and Mary Percival, married Alanson Crooker in Dearborn county, Indiana on November 13, 1837. Henrietta was my first cousin, 4 times removed.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maybe I Got it Right?

Nearly a week after I purchased my new laptop, I think I got it set up how I want it. Maybe. I finally configured the touchpad how I want it, mostly. I had to turn off the zoom feature because all I was doing was enlarging and miniaturizing my screens, by accident. I also finally have the palm check figured out. It was something I could never get right on my Dells. We'll see how it goes.

The last program that HAS to be on the new computer is my cookbook program, Master Cook. I've been using this on the recommendation of my good friend Karen K. I love it. I keep all my recipes in it and it is so easy to print something up when I am ready to cook. 

Sunday, I installed all the kits that go with my scrapbook program. Close to 200 of them, and each one had to be installed separately. Add to that the base kits that came with the program, which also had to be installed separately due to an issue with Windows 8.

I've quickly become adjusted to the larger screen. Wow, it sure makes a difference in Photoshop Elements, My Memories, ECAL (for my electronic cutter) and RootsMagic and Legacy. My screen is actually wider than DH's desktop screen.

Right now, I am a happy camper. Maybe I should work on my 2.5 inch pile o' paper!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

I've often said that I don't believe in a lot of holidays. The only legitimate legal holidays - other than Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's and Easter - are Memorial day, in which we remember those who have passed who served; Independence Day, for obvious reasons; Veteran's Day, in which we remember all the Veteran's, those living and those who served to protect our country.;

So here's to my dad, Frank, and my father-in-law, Ben, who both served in WWII. Here's to both my grandfather's, John and Charlie, who served in World War I. My great-grandfathers managed to miss the Spanish American War, but my great-great grandfathers, John Percival, John Bowman and John Webb (aka Garland Webb) fought in the civil war. Garland Webb is the only one of them who survived.

Then there are the uncles: Jack, John, and Angus who all fought in World War II.  Great uncle, John Bowman fought in World War I.

Then there are the cousins and nephews who also served in the Army, Air Force and Navy: John M., Patrick F., and 1Steven G.

Then there are my nephew's Steve and Patrick, both who served their country. Not to be forgotten also are Phil and Kevin.

I am grateful that all served.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sympathy Saturday - Colonel Abraham Bowman

From the Kentucky Gazette, Nov 23, 1837:

DIED, In Fayette County, Nov. 9, Col. Abram Bowman, an officer in the Revolution, and one of the oldest and most respected citizens of this county.

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Freaked Out Friday - A Day Late

It has been nuts around here the last few months and this week it got crazier. I had been having issues with my old Dell XPS and Tuesday it died for good. Sigh. So we went out Thursday after looking around a bit and I now own a 17 inch Toshiba Satellite. I love it. Wish I could say the same for Windows 8 and 8.1. I had updated to 8.1, but refreshed my system because the sucker kept giving me the blue screen and the critical_structure_corruption message, after downloading and trying to install my My Memories scrapbooking software. Let me just say it took a while for it to refresh. And you'd get these messages ... setting up ... taking care of a few more things ... etc. Nuts! Sure made me nuts. So between yesterday and today, I re-install some of my software, transferred photos and my documents over. The documents files took well over an hour to transfer. The photos not so much. I am sure I will find a few more things to transfer in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I am still trying to make sure everything is there. Talk about stress.

On Friday, we did the annual Art Prowl. We even got a great 30 inch photo of the Middle Falls at Burgess Falls State Park. I love this town.

So back to work.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Too-Too Thursday - Just One of Those Weeks.

DH and I have waited months for our new cabinetry - built-ins in the living room and cabinets in the craft room. Finally, they got installed on Monday. I spent Monday afternoon and evening searching through all the boxes looking for the Martha Stewart wall system stuff I bought. Finally, Tuesday, I decided I would just start putting things away and organizing. I knew they would show up. And they did.

Wednesday,  on starting up my old Windows Vista laptop, which I've used for my eclips electronic cutter, I got the gray screen of death. I rebooted and it appeared to be okay, but part of the way through an up date, the screen flickered and died. Two steps forward, one back.

Now I am evaluating what to do about it. Looked at some Windows 8 machines today. Blah. Indecision. Plus dealing with other things that keep cropping up, I feel like hibernating. It's November, I want to get to work on my Christmas crafts!

On top of this, I have gotten some emails regarding one of my Thriller Thursday posts. I'm excited to get any more information, but too tired to deal with it. Maybe Friday!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Shroyer & Catron

On November 6, 1860 in Waverly, Missouri, Miss Eliza Ann Shroyer (daughter of William Washington Shroyer and Jane Vivian Webb) married Mr. Christopher Catron (son of Stephen Catron and Elizabeth Smith.)

Eliza Ann (also found as Ann E. Shroyer) was a sister of Margaret Shroyer who married John E. Davidson who was my great great granduncle.

Normally, I would not choose someone who is not directly related to me or my husband, however, I decided I needed to research her mother, since I have Vivions/Vivians and Webbs in my line. Preliminary checking places Jane Vivian Webb as a daughter of John Vivion Webb and Lucy Woodward, which makes her a first cousin 5 times removed.

So that makes Eliza Ann Shroyer and her sister Margaret, second cousin 4 times removed.

Very interesting.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Am Out of My Office ...

I spent most of Monday working at the dining room table. The reason for this was the installation of cabinets in my craftroom and living room. The living room cabinets are on the other side of my office wall. Poor Mouse the cat spent her day locked in the master bedroom.

It sure was worth the wait though! The cabinets are beautiful. I am sure the craftroom is going to distract me for a while. Setting everything back up will be a lot of fun. If I can find everything!

The darker cabinets are the living room ones (without handles in this photo) and the lighter cabinets are in the craft room!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Moanin' - Yeah, I Am Up Early!

I hate the end of daylight savings time. Hate it. Somehow I never get that extra hour's sleep everyone promises. And today, I am up at 5:30 a.m. I'm retired, I don't need to be up at 5:30 a.m.

A nice thing happened on Sunday. I got an email on one of my blog posts about the Vivion/Vivian family. This family connects to my Webbs and Carters. Someone was nice enough to go to the Vivion cemetery in Lafayette county, Missouri and take pictures of the headstones. Thanks, Bill.

Did you notice that I dropped the Vivian part? That's because the tombstones all say VIVION. Which is what I always used to begin with, but census records and marriage records used the two names interchangeably. Well, dang, their name was Vivion. Now to change that in my database!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sympathy Saturday - H. W. Bowman

Horace Withers Bowman died on November 2, 1945 in Scipio, Hillsdale, Michigan. Quite frankly, I found it really surprising to find him there on the 1940 census. I don't know how he ended up there, but he was born February 28, 1880 in Burgin, Mercer, Kentucky to David Bryan (or Bryant) Bowman and Mary Withers.

Curiously, his Find-A-Grave memorial is in Bellvue Cemetery in Danville, Kentucky.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Freaked Out Friday - or What I did Today!

This is what we did today .. we cleaned everything out of our "storeroom." It hasn't been this empty since we moved in June 13, 2008. The filet crochet hanging I made for our bathroom, but I like it in this room.

Why is the room cleaned out? On Monday, it will be transformed into my long-awaited craft room!

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