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Monday, October 27, 2014

What a Trip?

DH and I returned late last week from our only trip this year. We visited Memphis - Graceland - and did some shopping there for Christmas, then visited Paducah, Kentucky, Bardstown, Louisville and Lexington all before returning home. It was fun, it was tiring. Neither DH or I are particularly good travelers these days, so the trip to Memphis, the last half hour in pouring rain was kind of stressful. The rest of the trip was okay except for the lack of cell phone signal in Bardstown. Apparently even AT&T users had no cell signal there either. Blah. Therefore, we moved on to Louisville.

Our only foray into Louisville itself, rather than the eastern 'burbs was to Cave Hill Cemetery where I have a few people buried. That was an extremely frustrating time, since their app would time out before I could locate graves. Mostly it was helpful in determining that a lot of these people did not have markers on their graves.

The most interesting thing about Cave Hill, was their niches for cremains. Looking for friend Karen, I discovered an older building that had been converted. Her request was easily located but I found some1 that really were different. You see, you have the option to have your cremains put in a niche and then a stone marker on it. OR you can opt to leave it glassed in and having your cremains placed in a nice urn or a plain box with your photo in it. Unfortunately, they don't photograph well.

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