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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Sometimes Updates Work!

The other day, I went to check for something on the Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky website to see if their genealogy database was still messed up. They updated it a year or so ago, and most of my ancestors/relatives had disappeared.

Well they are back! I had a few issues navigating but went in search of my 4th great grandfather whose remains were removed from the family burial ground and re-interred in 1912. This would be Colonel Abraham Bowman born in Virginia in 1749 and died in Kentucky in 1837. My previous attempts to find him in the update were fruitless. But now he's back and with some real improvements to the database.

First, I searched Bowman which brought up all (?) the Bowmans in the cemetery. Not all of them are connected to me, but when I clicked on the map I found this wonderful map that shows where they are buried. I went back to make sure that I didn't have anyone highlighted and clicked on all the numbers. The number 32 is my main branch of Bowmans. I have at least two generations of my direct line buried here, Col. Abraham Bowman and Mary Hite Bowman and William Bowman and Nancy Todd Parker Bowman. Remember, I said 32? It's bottom center. A couple of the other groups are also mine. 

When I clicked on the number 32, it popped up a cluster screen which listed the 32 burials on Section H, Lots 50 and 51. I've screen captured the first page of it. This is amazing. I've been working in this cemetery for years and this is the easiest it has been. Kudos to Lexington Cemetery in Lexington, Kentucky.  Their website is here.

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