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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Missouri Death Certificates - 1964

What are you doing? Me? I am transcribing death certificates for the state of Missouri. A lot of my dad's relatives lived and/or died there, so I have a soft spot for this project.

If you would like to be involved, here is the link: Missouri Archives evolunteers where you can register to transcribe records. This year we are recording more information, which is why there are so many left to do. Please consider helping.

I love this message on the bottom of the transcription page:  Welcome You have completed 187  certificates.  There are 44,516  remaining to be completed. (When I started the other day, there were over 50,000 waiting to be completed.)

BTW. I suggest using Chrome when transcribing rather than Firefox. It handles it better. 

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Chinn & Ellis

 I have been looking for some time for a marriage announcement and a record for my relative, Joseph Chinn and his wife, Vera Todd Ellis. I finally found this in the Lexington (Kentucky) Leader during last year's research trip to the Lexington Public Library. Tells me a lot, eh? No.

First of all, I can't find a marriage record for them. Not in Cincinnati, and have never found one in Kentucky or Indiana, either. This is it. And I wonder how long it took them to drive up to Cedar Point in 1913. I think it highly unlikely they married anywhere other than that tri-state area. Back to the research log.

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Monday, January 12, 2015


We had a fabulous Saturday, here in Cookeville. It was sunny and brisk, just what I expect for January in mid Tennessee. It was also opening day at our local animal shelter's new facility. It is truly awesome and such a long time in coming. It has space for 150 dogs and 50 cats. It has an adorable cat playroom and the kennels are built so the dogs can go in and out through their own doggy doors. It was hard to not walk out with a new addition.

This week is a hectic one here in our household. Hope DH and I are up to it!

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