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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ready, Set, All Stop!

Just when I think I've got everything organized for a new project and I'm all set to go, reality sets in. In this instance, the weather here in mid-Tennessee. Freezing weather gave way to milder weather which in turn turned into rain then snow. Then cold. Then thaw, then snow, then thaw. This led to massive sinus problems on my end. So much so that I sat the last few days with blinds drawn and begging hubby to turn off lights. My sinuses are very light sensitive and bright lights lead to intense fits of sneezing.

Finally, on day four, I'm able to spend a little time (still with blinds drawn) with lights on and in front of the computer.

This project is one several years in the making. I was gifted with a large photo collage frame with openings for 21 photos. The photos in there? The ones that came in it. When people ask who those people are, I just laugh. Now, I am just inspired to print the photos and put them in. I'll let you know how it comes out!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What About Us?

I've been working on census, birth, marriages and deaths for so long that I've neglected something really important. And it goes back to February of 2014. Well, earlier than that, but 2014 was when I was sidetracked.

On February 16th of that year, I was going in our back yard to do some spa maintenance when I missed a step and broke my ankle. Actually it was an avulsion fracture and pretty nasty as the soft tissue goes. It kept me out of my office for at least two months and longer since I found it difficult to sit without my ankle swelling for quite a while.

Previous to the break, I had started saving current pictures so that I could add them to my database. I just couldn't while I was taking pain meds. Then they got pushed aside for other things.

This weekend I opened my database and realized I hadn't added any family photos since the end of 2012. OMG. I found a good routine of copying them to a holding file, renaming and dating them and then adding to the database. A little slow, but I made it through May of 2013.

Sure, I still have death certificates, census, marriage records, birth records to add, but I am working on my immediate family and that feels good. And its really good to get to dating those photos and identifying while I remember the occasion, the date and the subjects!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Trouble with Databases ...

Back on December 19th, I did it. I made the move BACK to RootsMagic. Let's just say it wasn't all smooth sailing. When looking over  some people in my database, I noted that a few census sources were missing. How did I know? Well, the census image was there, but no source. So I ran a list of people with missing census sources. I made a fact list for the census and then ran a tag for people who had a census fact but were missing the source. I'm sorry to say it was 48 pages long.

Now, 98% of these were shared census facts. In other words, if a person were married and/or had children who appeared with them on a certain census, I could share them among the family members. I really like this feature but, it did cause a headache. And not only did it print out census that was missing the sources, but mostly every census each person appeared on whether the source was missing or not. I spent two weeks after New Year's straightening that mess out.

When I uploaded my database onto dropbox to enable use in the RootsMagic app on my android devices, I discovered another issue. RootsMagic wasn't building the thumbnails for my multimedia items. I knew this would be a huge issue since I have over 16,000 images linked.

I worked with RootsMagic support over this, and Renee Zamora helped me figure out how to find the culprit(s). There were five of  them, and that has been straightened out. Whew!

One of these days I'll actually get to do data entry and research again!

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