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Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm Not Cornish, But ...

Saturday, DH and I were watching Rick Steves' Europe, a travel show that we've enjoyed for many years. We caught a 2016 episode of his trip to Cornwall. In a portion of the show they highlighted the tin mines and Cornish pasties. That is pasty with a short a.

Now, neither DH nor I are Cornish. But we are from Michigan. And many years ago, we tasted this wondrous thing called a pasty. You might know them as meat pies. There was even a placed within a couple miles of our house that made these. How I miss that here in Tennessee. When I saw that episode, I immediately cranked up my tablet and found a recipe for a Cornish Pasty. DH and I braved the cold wet, snowy weather and went in search of the few items I didn't have, the beef, any carrots and I was sadly lacking in baking powder. Well, I had it, but it was really old.

I will literally use any excuse to use my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It really does the part I hate, mixing up the dough. I rolled it out and made 4 nicely sized pasties and invited the daughters to partake of this delicacy. I served with gravy, because the original pasty is somewhat dry due to miners having to eat them with their hands. I'm sure they weren't too warm either by the time they got around to eating them. All I can say, is that they were delicious. Since I had extra filling, I made some and froze them.

Disclaimer: Now, the pasty is indigenous to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and the ones I recall having either had turnips or rutabaga in them. I'll have to search for those in the local stores here. DH and I lived in the Lower Peninsula.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

What a Week!

I've been very happy to get back in the genealogy groove again. It seems like its been a long time since I've consistently entered data. And of course, entering data isn't just putting in the dates. For me, it also includes seeing daughters' mentioned as Mrs. John Doe, and knowing there were more than one daughter in this family and not knowing who married whom. Consequently, time is spent looking for marriage records for these Mrs. John Does and sorting out which is which. Then finding a Find-A-Grave Record for the husband, but not the wife, and his place of residency is in Kansas and not Missouri.  Or for the husband who is buried in Missouri, but no wife in the cemetery, where all her family is buried. And all this stems from an obituary for the women's father, where you discover he died in Chicago and that's why you can't find a Missouri Death certificate for him.

I felt I was on a roll. Then the rest of the week played out.

Let's start with the minifridge. We've had this minifridge since 2008, when we moved into our house, but our full size fridge was on special order and we were told it would be a week or so. We bought a minifridge that also had a freezer. Well, Tuesday it died. It was such a tight fit under the counter in my craft room that hubby had to crawl on the floor to unplug it and remove the legs and the hardware involved in holding the legs on. And the fridge doors also had to be removed. and that still didn't help. Hubby got a mallet and we pounded the sucker out of the space. And that was it for that day. With hubby pounding and me pulling, we got our workout.

Wednesday, I happily got back to some research, again working away until it was time to print out my recipe for dinner from my recipe program only to find there were only 4 recipes in it and none of which I wanted for dinner that night. Talk about panic. Now I do have this program on my tablet and phone, but they don't print from the apps. Luckily, I still have the cookbook I took the recipe from. A set of 5 paperback books from 1976 from Betty Crocker. Or maybe I should say had. In the middle of measuring out something, the liquid mess spilled all over that book. To be fair, the book is a much used paperback that is beginning to crumble. Hubby, the sweet one, took pictures of the cover and verso page (the copyright page for you non-library folk) and found it on Amazon. Whew. Dinner, however, was delicious. It's a family favorite called Waikiki Meatballs. I make it more tropical with tropical fruit and pineapple. I made so much we had leftovers the next day for lunch and I had the last of it on Friday for a snack. Cold. The software company helped me sort out my problem. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve my recipes. A glitch caused the program to delete my cookbook while I was syncing it.

Thursday was spent taking the old fridge to the recycling center. We got halfway there and realized we did not have the doors, too. Headed back, got the doors and disposed of all. We also bought a new beverage fridge (no freezer) and haven't installed it yet.

Friday, we had a service call by our favorite electrician to replace a switch that controlled the disposal. He is always nice and tries to fit us in to his busy schedule. Then in the afternoon I finally had my pedicure which I had postponed from last week. I wonder sometimes, how we ever made time to work.

Here it is the weekend already. A person could feel exhausted by the events of the week. I didn't accomplish nearly half of what I set before me at the beginning of the week, but I did manage to get a little Missouri Death Certificate 1966 transcription done. And I think that is what I will aim for today.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Time Flies and Then Bedtime!

I can't believe how fast time goes by lately. I've been trying to work in my office, but things keep getting in the way. By the time I do manage to squeeze some time in, I look at the pile on my desk and get discouraged.

Last night, I did manage to be somewhat productive. I made some notes on a record of my second great grand aunt, Catherine or Katherine "Kitty" McDonald nee Maitland. I had never seen her name spelled Katherine before. It's not a big deal, unless you are looking for her by her first name.

Kitty died in Colorado. Yeah, not willing to pay the research fees for her, her husband and daughter to get the death certificates. Maybe in my lifetime, Colorado will put their death certificates online.

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