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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Favorite Places, Continued

The other day, I started a list of favorite free sites. Here are some more! Click on the link to get to the site.

Godfrey Library. No user name or password necessary for most of the sites, just click go. An extensive list of genealogical sites on the web. Some are "premium" and require membership, but for the most part, you can access for free. Arranged alphabetically by state. The left column shows all the new additions.

Google. Don't over look googling a name. Some results include obituaries, marriage announcements, news articles, county histories.

Minnesota Historical Society. The Minnesota Historical is online with birth and death records index. While copies may cost $, the index is free.

Your State Library. Many state libraries have local history collections, microfilm collections. Check your state archives for vital records. For instance, the Library of Michigan holds some great genealogical material. The State of Michigan Archives has naturalization papers, prison records, civil war records. Sometimes state libraries will have some indices online.

Heritage Quest. Some libraries have subscriptions to Heritage Quest and will let you access from home. You may need to make sure your library card is valid to do this.

Ancestry. Many libraries have access to Ancestry's Library edition. The caveat for this is you have to access from the library.


  1. Is there a state library for Michigan anymore?

  2. Yeah, now it is under the Department of Natural resources. And your governor wants to break up the collection and remove anything that does not pertain to Michigan. Stupid freakin' Canuck.