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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How I Spent My Day!

A cousin of my DH sent along some pictures sent to her by a mutual second cousin and DH and I and his father and said cousin have been discussing who appears in the photos. One is obviously my DH's maternal grandmother Wiktarya with her sister, Mary.  Another is Mary with two men and the third is a woman whom we can't place. All the pictures are obviously taken well before I met my DH, and yet I am curious about them. So the morning was spent trying to find out more historically about my husband's great aunt.

I have to tell you there isn't much out there. I know who her three husbands were, and can even tell you who the order they were married in, but really can't tell you when she married hubbies two and three. It amazes me sometimes how little Mary & Wiktarya's descendants know about each others families. I heard stories or parts of them in the years of our marriage when DH's mother was alive, but even she didn't know exactly what was the deal between the sisters. They were an extremely secretive family. I wish I had pushed more for information.

Stymied by this family, I sat down with a book and proceeded to read until after reading page 232, discovered about 50 pages missing since the next page available was 281.

Just one of those days!

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