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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's One in Every Family - COG 100th Edition

Jasia at Creative Gene suggested the above topic for the 100th Edition of Carnival of Genealogy. I love it. Our family has one, but which to choose?

1. Our family of course has an oldest child, who happens to be the only son. Some have referred to him as the Golden Child.

2. Our family has the oldest daughter, the princess. This one also happens to be our family's rebellious one.

3. Our family has two middle children. I am the older of the two middle children, and as a kid, I would have been classified as the sickly one. I was also the preemie.

4. The second middle child would be known as the quiet one. This one would go into a closet and cry in private. She's not so quiet now.

5. Our family has two surprise children - you know those that come long after the initial onslaught of baby-making. Number one surprise child was born when child number four was 7. Mom and dad had given away all the baby stuff, crib, playpen, etc shortly before mom announced she was expecting. This is our big baby - she weighed over 8 lbs and weighed a lot more than the usual 6 pounds mom delivered.

6. Surprise child two was also the baby. The one we had fun picking out names - seems like her middle name was always going to be Elizabeth. I can hardly remember if we even bothered picking out a boy's name at this point.

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  1. Lovely to post that shows that even in larger families, every child is unique and 'the one'.