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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mah-Ve-Lous Monday

I'm doing simply Mah-ve-lous, dahling! Well, not really, but I figure if I keep telling myself I am I'll start believing it.

First thing this morning is Outpatient Physical Torture at 9 am with my new torturer .. er therapist, Marsha. I'm hoping she will see some improvement in my flexibility. I hope so, since I worked really hard at it including spending time trying to sit normally in my office chair, searching and for people on the 1940 census . Believe me it is difficult to do with the 2012 London Olympics on in the other room. I dearly love watching gymnastics!

I keep working on the Missouri Census whittling the numbers down. It's interesting to find marriages, children, deaths and divorces I wasn't aware of. The Missouri index hasn't been released on yet, and like Michigan, I am missing some key people. That means when does release the 1940 Missouri Census index, I'll be doing some double-checking. I'd much rather search there as their accuracy is so much better than Ancestry's.

Nuff said!

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