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Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary! Thirty-Three and Counting

On this day, 33 years ago, I married my wonderful DH. I always love to recount the interesting day we had. First, he picked me up early in the morning and we went for a walk-through on the house we built. Well, it was already under construction. Our wedding day was also closing day. Closing was a disaster, DH threw a temper tantrum at his parents, egged on by his mother.

My sister, Diane, was my matron of honor and was late for my wedding. I almost ended up married to DH's best man. When I left the house I was renting with a friend, I locked myself out! Of course we didn't discover this till the next day. And then we forgot to check out of the hotel.

I like to think our wedding day was like life. It was unexpected, funny, and slightly disturbing. It certainly wasn't boring. Our life hasn't been boring either, and each year I fondly think back on that crazy, crazy day and look forward to what comes next.

Happy Anniversary, DH!

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