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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Too-Too Thursday - Life Interrupts, Yet Again!

I hinted Monday that things were not going as planned for me this week. Little did I know.

Sunday, on our way to lunch, we heard a loud rattling noise when we turned on the air conditioning in our 9 year old Honda CR-V. We figured  the dealership would have it a day and then we would be back in business. We were shocked, however, when they told us our a/c compressor actually exploded on the inside and that the whole unit would need to be replaced. The repair/replacement would cost a few thousand. Suddenly, we were rethinking the fix-it strategy.

Over the last year, since my right knee replacement, we have considered finding something easier for me to get into. Both daughters are driving Ford Fiestas, which are nice, but since we have little confidence in Ford products, after many, many bad experiences with them, we opted for a shiny, new, red Honda Fit Sport.  We even got an extremely fair trade-in value on the 2004 Honda CRV.

 Alas, that was not the only issue on Sunday. I noticed that our cat, Mouse, was scratching a lot. I was fairly confident she didn't have fleas, since I have been religious about applying preventative. She had a bare spot on her chin, a spot near her right ear and the inside of her right ear looked raw and awful. So Monday afternoon included a trip to the vet to get her check out.

Mouse is not a timid cat, but she was trying to burrow into us at the vet's office. Poor thing. Two shots and some topical medication later,  she is looking slightly better. But you know what I really love? The vet, Dr. Tamarah Cottrell of Copeland Veterinary, called this morning to check on our Mouse. I am confident Mouse will soon be happy and healthy again!

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