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Monday, August 5, 2013

The App Geek!

Since I first got my Smart phone several months ago, I've been looking at the different apps available for Android. For sometime before that I checked out the apps in the App Store for my iPod Touch. Now, with the addition of the Nook HD+ in my techno arsenal, I've become more interested in what's out there.

I was surprised to find the Find-a-Grave app beta version for Android today. I've been a F-A-G contributor for several years, and with a trip in the works for next month that will hopefully include some genealogy research and perhaps some cemetery work, I can see where that might just come in handy.

I mentioned when I bought the Nook, that I also purchased the "Families" app from TelGen. It has made me take another look at Legacy Family Tree. Since there is a new version coming out soon, I purchased the Legacy Unlocked book by Geoff Rasmussen, which allowed me to download the PDF version of it.

Really, it is not that I am unhappy with RootsMagic v 6. I truly like it, but their Apple app is awful. It's purely show and tell, even it is free. I'm still waiting on the Android version, but that doesn't look to be out soon. And again, it will be a show and tell version. No editing or adding and syncing back with the database.

In the meantime, I will continue to look at different apps that will aid in my research.

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