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Monday, April 21, 2014

Wow! That Was a Busy Week!

Therapy ended none to soon, since last week I was busy with chores, shopping, baking and cooking. First of all, this was my first grocery shopping since February 16th, when I missed that step and broke my ankle. Then it was time to clean a house that hadn't really been cleaned in those 6+ weeks. Hubby and I have decided we have to really break it down into smaller chores, and that worked.

Thursday, I baked muffins - using my sour cream coffee cake recipe. OMG! They were good. Friday, I made stuffed cabbage. Saturday, I finished the rest of the cooking with Older Daughter's help, and we celebrated Easter dinner. Sunday morning, we had breakfast and an egg hunt with the six-year-old. I really had a lot of fun and so did he.

This holiday, OD hosted her younger sister, her man and son and puppy at her house. I can't tell you how grateful I was for that. Besides, it gave the "sissers" time to visit.

I hope you all had a good weekend!

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