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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Post Holiday Musings

The weather has been hot and humid here in mid-TN with lots of rain interspersed. Fortunately, Saturday evening was spectacular and we enjoyed dinner with younger daughter and her boys. Boys as in man and boy.

I didn't want to include the following into my Memorial Day tribute, but have to say that I am outraged with the way the Veteran's Administration is handling the lack of care being given to our veterans. This has been a long time problem, but the news lately is just so disgusting with the secret wait lists. If this is how we treat our veterans, those who put all on the line for us, what will happen to the rest of us? And how can those responsible live with themselves knowing that they could refer those patients to doctors in the private sector. Shame on them. There is just absolutely no excuse for this.

Rant over.

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