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Monday, August 11, 2014

Moaning Monday

I am really ready for summer to be over. It does get hot here in Mid-TN and the weather here has been pretty hot, rainy followed by a couple days of slightly cooler weather - mid 80s as opposed to mid 90s. In fact, I expect it to start raining any minute.

Older daughter has had issues with rain keeping her from completely cutting her grass, which she seems to be enjoying. It's also kept her from completing some indoor projects. This week, however, she is taking a couple days off and we are going to see if we can accomplish a couple of tasks.

I am still working on my office. It is going slowly. Very slowly. Honestly, I'd rather search for info than file info. But I'm going to try. The pile on the right side of my desk is over three inches high. Some of that is filing, data entry and evaluation. the piles on the left side is stuff to put away. Or find places for. Shudder.

And I am still learning Legacy Family tree. I like it. But there are a couple things that bug me, one of which is the inability to get to the Name List without using the mouse. I still try Ctrl-F frequently, because that is how I accessed the name index from RootsMagic. Maybe someday LFT will get it together!

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