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Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Season Is It, Anyway?

The long winter here in mid Tennessee finally gave way to a pleasant spring. Sixty and seventy degree days in March sure feel good. The problem is, it did not last. It started to rain and the temps dipped back into the forties with night time lows in the *shudder* twenties and thirties. Gah!

It did allow for some genealogy time, and I took advantage of it. I grabbed a pile of paper from my organizer - see here - and started entering information. You know how it is though, when you start something, and don't complete it right away. Sometimes you forget why the heck you did something or who the heck that person is on the Find-a-Grave site you were interested in last year! I have accomplished quite a bit though, and still working down that pile! I really hope Spring comes back soon because hubby and I are working on an outside project that really needs to get done before Easter! More on that sometime next week, I hope!

Back to work!

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