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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Still Can't Believe It!

I made the move from Windows to Mac OS this week. After months of dealing with updates from Windows that would routinely leave my computer in a StopCode state aka Blue Screen of Death, I couldn't take it any longer and started researching what would be the ramifications if I switched to a MacBook. The biggest concern was my genealogy. Since moving back to RootsMagic in 2015, I discovered that I could install it on a Mac! And I think that was the deciding factor. Indeed, I've managed to transfer my database, via restoring a backup, and transferring my genealogical photos and fixing the links. Last December, I moved from Android to iOS or from a Samsung Nook to an iPad mini 4. That went really well. In February, DH and I both switched to iPhones. After getting used to those, I knew I could deal with a MacBook.

So last week, I ordered a MacBook Pro and a CD/DVD drive. The drive came last week and the laptop on Monday. Since that time I have been migrating files to the Mac. I'm also learning a new email as I have started using the Apple mail app. I like their Smart Mailboxes. I still have to go through the old email on Thunderbird and make sure I've gotten everything important. I've even gotten used to having a clean desktop on the Mac. I can use a little less chaos!

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