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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Helen Maitland Smith

Sometimes, well most times, I wonder about people indexing newspapers and such. The results can be pretty crazy. At times like this, for obits I browse the newspapers around the date of death. Sometimes it works. I was therefore confused when a search for Helen Maitland (I was searching for her mother) produced the following result. No, it's not an obituary, but about a cash gift given to the Episcopal Church in memory of his wife. You have to wonder why that showed up instead of the death notice. Especially, since this gift was eight years after her death.

Well, that was curious so I went looking for her obituary. I did not expect to find that she died in Colorado. At the age of 45. I only found it because I went browsing by date. I was not so lucky with her sister or her father.

Yes, it can be expensive to have subscriptions to sites like and Genealogy Bank, but it's easier and cheaper than traveling around the country looking for newspapers. Or trying to get them on interlibrary loan.

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