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Friday, August 25, 2017

Unexpected Results

In yesterday's post, I alluded to husband's 23andmeDNA results. OMG. We weren't really prepared for what they meant. They meant secrets. Long held secrets. Questions. Much research on my part.

Years ago, I did research on husband's family tree. Of course the first thing I did was question his parents and follow what they told me. I was able to research every line but his maternal grandfather's line. His records are in a part of Poland, that are not accessible to me through the LDS or through the Polish archives. Hence the search on 23andme and two years ago on Ancestry. On Ancestry, we had one hit for his maternal grandmother's line. A line I had already researched. There at least we had confirmation.

Fast forward to 2017 and Amazon Prime day when I scored DNA kits from 23andme for $49 each. His closest relative was a second cousin. And to confuse matters more, it was another branch of a family he matched on Ancestry. The problem was who could be the relative that gave them that relationship.

We needed a name and whether the opportunity existed at the time for contact. Little did we know that we held the information in tax returns. Sure enough, the target person fit exactly the scenario. And he was someone known to the family. More research uncovered the not unexpected result that he had long since passed, nearly forty years. But he had a descendant. We attempted contact and were summarily rebuffed. Quite angrily rebuffed. While not totally unexpected, understandable.

Given time, maybe this person will relent and choose to contact us. Until then, I continue to research and fill in the blanks when possible.

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