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Monday, October 2, 2017

A Milestone of Sorts

Ten years ago today, movers came to our house in Livonia and packed up all our stuff, then proceeded to Assisted Living Facility hubby's dad lived in and packed him up. He had already moved about 10 days prior. Back at the house, I waited and waited and waited and waited in an empty house for the cleaners to come. I waited more than two hours for them to show up only to find out they had been shopping. Royally pissed was I. Hubby finally showed back up and we began the runs to the city dump to dispose of what we didn't want to take. Realtor for new owners came by and picked up the keys and told us to leave the rest, they would put it out and call for a pickup. Win.

Then it was time to meet younger daughter who was remaining in Michigan for dinner and to say goodbyes. I didn't mind leaving Michigan, or the house we had just moved from, but leaving our daughter was the hardest thing. When we could no longer wait, we had to get on the road and start the journey to Tennessee. That first day, we only got as far as Wapakoneta, Ohio before I gave out. It had been a long weekend and start to the week. The next morning we loaded up our overnight bags into our separate cars and finished the trip, ending up in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Since our move, younger daughter too, joined us in Tennessee. Older daughter moved to Cookeville just before we did to establish residency in order to get in-state tuition at Tennessee Tech to finish her degree.

No regrets.

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