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Thursday, March 15, 2018

23andMe Says What?

I was looking at my 23andMe results at lunch today.  I am pretty sure that <0.1% Native American was not there before. I would have noticed. However, there is one line I've never been able to document past my g-g-g grandfather, Nathaniel Davidson. So perhaps there could be some Native American.

So, I had to look at my Ancestry timeline. The one that is covered up is Scandinavian, but that wasn't the one I was interested in. My Nathaniel Davidson was born about 1797 (according to the 1850 census, the last census he appeared in.)

My mind conjures up all sorts of scenarios. I so wish I could connect with a descendant of Nathaniel. Or even one of his parents, but I think it's unlikely.

*There is also a segment that is 0.8% Broadly European. I presume that is like my dog's 50% they couldn't define what breed because it contained too many breeds?

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