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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thriller Thursday - Repeat Offender

When composing this and the previous Thriller Thursday posts, I did something I never do:  I let a relative see what I was going to post first.  Obviously, this relative okayed it. Then she dropped the news that Sonny's killer was currently in prison for another murder. As a follow-up, here is his "rap sheet." Note that he received 10 years for the March 1983 murder of Sonny McCarty, not 17 years, 210 days. Those were for other crimes - like grand larceny. The paper, The Newport News (VA) Daily Press corrected that in a later edition.

 If that wasn't enough, while on trial for the murder of Police officer Larry Bland in 1994, he felt he shouldn't do any jail time. He is still in prison for this murder and still seeks parole.

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