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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Celebrating the New Year with a FIND!

Every month, almost like clockwork, Genealogy Bank adds their new content to their site, and I always check for those areas where I am lacking information. I just found this gem on the site:

From the Lexington (Missouri) Weekly Express, Saturday, January 16, 1841, page 3 column 5:

In Dover, on Sunday the 10th inst, after a severe affliction of several weeks, Dr. JOHN S. PERCIVAL, aged about 50 years, and formerly of Lawrenceburg, Ia.

It's Dover, Missouri and he was from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Apparently they abbreviated oddly back in 1841.

I have been looking for this - or any mention of him at all - in Missouri newspapers for years, since I first started working on my family history, over 33 years.

Happy New Year to me!

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