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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Do You Get Excited When ...

I love it when I get a message from someone on ancestry dot com. I hate it when the message is:

Hi there, I guess we are related through the Bowman link.

And their tree is locked. Which Bowman?  What do you do then? Well, you go to your DNA matches and search for the user, which you can do now, by searching for their name.  And then you get this:
5th–8th Cousin
Shared DNA: 16 cM across 1 segments 

16 cM (centiMorgans) across 1 segment really isn't anything to get excited about. It's somewhere in the range of 5th to 8th cousin.

But. Bowman is in my paternal direct line. So I do get excited. If nothing else, it validates my own research.

Now to hear back from the person who guesses we are related through the Bowman link!

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