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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A New Relative Found Me, Which Led To ...

Periodically, I search the passenger lists for ancestors. I didn't find ancestors, but siblings of my ancestor, Alexander Maitland (1813-1891) landed at the Port of New York on May 10, 1834 aboard the ship Ocean. 

I was looking for this particular sibling because according to what I have he died in the United States. but the name, John Maitland, is pretty common. I had information that he was born in 1808, so therefore looked for someone who might fit that information.  What I found was a record for John Maitland in the Passenger lists arriving in New York,  from Haddington (Scotland) age 25 (pretty close).  Well, yes, I was pretty sure that was him, but went browsing for the actual film and found him on the last page. And I was blown away because also listed with him was Charles Maitland, age 15; Elizabeth Maitland, age 20; Agnes Maitland, age 19. All from Haddington. These were g-g-g-grandfather's brothers and sisters. although not all of them.  I always like to copy the first page of the ship manifest so that I know what the columns mean. In this instance, however, they didn't carry the columns through to the last page. 

I also noted a man by the name of John Watson, distiller, also appears. Agnes married a John Watson in Toronto (York) Ontario, Canada. I'll have to see if I can locate an occupation for him. 

It's interesting that Elizabeth and Charles both moved back to Scotland, where they both married and remained. Agnes died in Canada, date unknown. 

Not found in this list is Jean Wilson Maitland, the widow of Dr. Alexander Maitland (1759-1826); daughter Mary Maitland who married William Munro and she died in 1888 in Toronto;  Jane or Jean Maitland; Alexander Maitland (1813-1891) who went back and forth between Canada and the US, eventually settling in Lafayette County, Missouri; Robert Maitland; David Maitland who died in Canada in 1854; Helen Maitland who married George Urquhart in Canada and returned to Scotland.  Family story is that the eldest son, George Forrest Maitland inherited Gimmers Mill in Haddington and remained there. After Dr. Alexander Maitland died in 1826 the family moved to York, Ontario, where life was very hard. 

Did I figure out where John Maitland lived and died? No, but I'll keep searching! But it was my new relative, Colin, who spurred me on to look for John and find this gem. 

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  1. It's always fun to find family members in updated record sets! I love exploring collateral lines :)