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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Snowy Weather is Good for Genealogy

I really hate snow. It's one of the reasons hubby and I moved to Tennessee. We just could not take those Michigan winters. Which is why the two snowstorms we've had in one week have me climbing the walls. By Michigan standards, they're not much. Neither would have caused a snow day. Here in mid-Tennessee, a dusting of snow causes a snow day or two.  Fortunately these storms came a few days apart, so that storm one had all melted by the time we got storm two. In Michigan, the snow would have piled up on top of the previous one. 

The one good thing, is it gave me time to do some genealogical cleanup. First chore was the to-do list.  If you've followed my blog, you will know that I am a hard core user of this feature in my genealogical program. I went through and pared down my to do list from 29 page to about 25, or from 160 to-do list items to 129. 

The next thing I started was to work on one of my families on my mom's side. I found birth records in an index, marriage records and announcements, divorce records, funeral home records and cemetery records. Most of this was done in the last day or two. I actually feel something got accomplished. 

Also in the works is cleaning up the Missouri death records I've collected to make sure all are linked - hint they aren't all linked - before the opportunity pops up soon to transcribe the 1971 death certificates. Then I think I'll try to buckle down and get some census work done before - you guessed it - the 1950 census is released!

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