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Friday, December 25, 2009

Thank You, Santa!

Christmas morning couldn't have been more perfect this year. Our older daughter who spent Christmas eve with us and stayed the night, rose early in order to serve a breakfast of fresh cinnamon rolls and hot coffee to her parents.

This was followed by us gathering around the tree to open our presents. My husband received a gift certificate for an oil change, my daughter an itunes gift card and I received a box of tombstone photos of all my relatives buried in the lower 48 states.

Next husband opened a digital tire gauge and daughter opened a gift certificate for a haircut. Our younger daughter called from 600 miles to the north saying she was sending me a folder of birth, death and marriage certificates for her dad's side of the family, knowing how much they would mean to me. She was also happy to report that she received notification of renewal of scholarship funds.

Our Christmas continued along these lines after a delicious dinner older daughter and I cooked and served. As we were opening the last of our gifts my father-in-law piped up that he remembered some key family information that we thought was lost forever.

And finally, while opening stocking stuffers, I discovered the place of marriage of my great-great grand parents in Germany and my great-great grandmother's real maiden name.

The real surprise was that while I slept, someone neatly filed all my miscellania, organized my photos by putting them in albums, carefully labelling and dating them. My genealogy data was all updated and backed up and books for all my direct lines were on their way to the printer. My genealogy and personal blogs were ready and waiting for final read through before posting. All pencils were sharpened, paper was neatly stacked and next year's Christmas cards ready for mailing.

Ah, the family historian's dream is a good one! I'm sure those who know me, know that I gave the dream away in the second sentence.

I hope you all had a blessed and merry Christmas!


  1. I was thinking how lucky you were and then had a chuckle at the conclusion. Thanks!

  2. Every genealogists dream! The first part anyway!