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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Laugh is on Me! Oh No!

I was just about to congratulate myself on a completed project, when I thought I should double check and make sure I got everyone .. everyone being all those interred at the Lexington, Kentucky Cemetery. Way back when I started using the cemetery's database as a source I was entering the section, lot and grave in the source details, which was fine. Then.

Now, however, my RootsMagic 6 (and 5 too) allow place details. And it has a nifty list called "Who Was There," which I thought was the perfect tool to print out a list of people buried in Lexington Cemetery missing the "place details." I started this a while back before the "Who was there list" was available and at the time could only print out those who were buried there regardless of the place details.

So I printed a report which seemed to coincide with what I thought was a reasonable amount of people .. until I went to double check it and saw that I had failed to clear a date from the date field. Rerunning the report yielded 11 pages.

No congratulations are appropriate at this time. It's gonna take a while to sort this out. I just added rather than subtracted from my work pile.

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