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Friday, March 6, 2015

War of 1812 Pension Records

I finally sat down and downloaded my great-great-great grandfather, Joseph G. Chinn's, War of 1812 Pension record. He enlisted at the age of 15 served three months and was sent home with a wound in the foot. Knowing medical conditions at the time, I suppose he is lucky to have retained said appendage.

In his records, I found this very nice 1887 letter from Josep Logan, Special Examiner for the Department of Interior Pension Office:

Special Examination
Department of Interior 

   Pension Office,
 Lexington, Ky, June 3d, 1887.


I called in person on O. W. (Old War) Mr. pensioner aft. #41605 Joseph G. Chinn, residing at #226 E. Maxwell St., Lexington, Fayette Co, Ky.

The pensioner is a grand looking old man; over 6 ft in height, rect. Says he is in perfect health, Age about 92. Well preserved in every way. Says he come of a consumptive family. That he commenced his practice of medicine at 20, done a large practice horseback for 56 or 60 years.

He has a beautiful home. His wife (3d one) is in her 99th year. Dr. Joseph G. Chinn is one of best known and highly respected citizens of Lexington, Ky

                Very respectfully,

                Joseph Logan
The Commissioner of Pensions Special Examiner
Throug Mr. F. H. Sprague
Supvg. Exm. Mo. Dist.

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