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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Post DNA Post

Over a year ago, my DH and I got the results of our DNA testing. I had lots of hits - especially the leaf hints on my DNA because I linked a tree to my results. Hubs had lots of "4th cousins or closer" but none of the leaf hints in his DNA result. Most of the "4th cousins or closer" still don't have a linked family tree. Blah!

Now, if my in-laws didn't lie to me/us, I can trace my DH's line back to Poland, and in one instance back into the 1760s. I had one person contact me because we had a link, but that person still hasn't shared their tree.

Color me frustrated. Yes, my DH is an only child. I know who his first cousins are and I think I've met all but one of the living ones.  You would think we'd start filling in some more blanks. Nope. My big concern, still, is the 46% European Jewish result we got. I was so gobsmacked by that, that I had our daughters tested, because that just couldn't be right, could it? I was gobsmacked again because one daughter is 25% and the other 19% European Jewish. Who knew?

If you have done or are intending to have DNA done, link your tree to your results. That's when it works best.

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