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Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm Not Cornish, But ...

Saturday, DH and I were watching Rick Steves' Europe, a travel show that we've enjoyed for many years. We caught a 2016 episode of his trip to Cornwall. In a portion of the show they highlighted the tin mines and Cornish pasties. That is pasty with a short a.

Now, neither DH nor I are Cornish. But we are from Michigan. And many years ago, we tasted this wondrous thing called a pasty. You might know them as meat pies. There was even a placed within a couple miles of our house that made these. How I miss that here in Tennessee. When I saw that episode, I immediately cranked up my tablet and found a recipe for a Cornish Pasty. DH and I braved the cold wet, snowy weather and went in search of the few items I didn't have, the beef, any carrots and I was sadly lacking in baking powder. Well, I had it, but it was really old.

I will literally use any excuse to use my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It really does the part I hate, mixing up the dough. I rolled it out and made 4 nicely sized pasties and invited the daughters to partake of this delicacy. I served with gravy, because the original pasty is somewhat dry due to miners having to eat them with their hands. I'm sure they weren't too warm either by the time they got around to eating them. All I can say, is that they were delicious. Since I had extra filling, I made some and froze them.

Disclaimer: Now, the pasty is indigenous to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and the ones I recall having either had turnips or rutabaga in them. I'll have to search for those in the local stores here. DH and I lived in the Lower Peninsula.

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