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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is It Monday Already?

 After an incredibly relaxing, yet somehow frustrating weekend, I suddenly realized that Monday was just a few short hours away, and there was no blog on tap. I'm sure we've all had days like the two I just had.

First, on Saturday, as an excuse to listen to the audiobook I had on my MP3 player, um reason to drive to the outlet mall for some unmentionables, the DH and I took a nice drive 40 miles east to the closest outlet mall. Upon arriving home and unpacking said unmentionables, I realized one of them was the wrong size. Arghh! So Sunday we drove the 80 mile round trip again, and just happened to listen to more of the said audiobook. Unmentionable exchanged for the correct size and we returned home.

Then, I decided to get to work on organizing my scrapbook project for next weekend. You see, I am attending an 11 hour scrapbooking luau here in town. I am really excited about it and had decided to incorporate some of the family history into my scrapbook project. This involves printing pictures of various ancestors and it was at that point that I realized I had misplaced a folder of photos I wanted to scan. Well, My office is nearly clean and I still haven't located that darn folder. I may have to incorporate that branch of the tree a little later.

Next, I started digging for documents I want for the project. I'm not exactly sure how or what I am going to print, but I do have some ideas. At this point, I really wish I had pictures of my great-great granduncle, Herbert Percival (the disappearing doctor.)

So I am sitting here much later in the evening (Sunday) still trying to figure out where I tucked that folder. My office is half cleaned and I am out of ideas.

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