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Friday, August 20, 2010

Whew-That's Done! The Calendar Project Revisited and Other Random Things.

Well I am almost done with it. I'm now in the process of finishing up the vital records I found during the search. I'm amazed at how many "closed" people there are now. I'm hoping that over the next few years I can figure out how to fill in the information for those centenarians still on my list. Most of my problems are twentieth century vitals, so I've been adding where possible to my Allen County Public Library Genealogical Collection to-do list. If you are within a day's ride of Fort Wayne, Indiana and have not visited this treasure, make plans to do it soon. It is a wonderful repository of genealogical information.

For a few minutes the other day, I actually had my desk fairly clear, and then I emptied a box that had been sitting on my floor during the great John S Percival letter transcription project. I just had this terrible need to clean it out. Now it's left me with a pile of recyclables and a pile of shredding and a pile of filing. Actually, the box reminded me of cleaning out Older daughter's room after she moved out of state and Younger daughter moved into that room. Once Younger Daughter also moved out, I cleared out the room, we pulled up the carpet, painted, recarpeted and moved me into a new office. That room was 11 x 13 compared to my 6 x 9 foot current office. It's funny, but I like my current office better with my desk positioned under the window facing out. While the lack of space is sometimes inconvenient, I like having everything within a chair scoot. It's in desperate need of  tidying at the moment.

I still haven't embarked on the newest project of scanning and transcribing letters one of my Percival cousins sent home for me. These were letters written to her dad by other family members during World War II. I found myself cheating and taking a sneak peak. I suppose once I finish up the current work-in-progress and tidy up a bit, I'll start the tedious business of sorting, scanning and naming the files and transcribing as I go. There were a couple of surprises as I did my random sampling.

I am trying to organize myself into readiness for a Scrapbooking Luau I've signed up for at the end of next week. I've mostly decided what I want to do and I need to gather all my materials in preparation for that. Hmm. I can't wait!

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  1. do historical scrapbooking? I think I am drooling at the prospect!

  2. I really like the days that I just work at cleaning out old boxes, folders and file cabinets. Rather like spring house cleaning, or the old time massive bedding wash before winter. Good for the soul -- snd body.