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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Great New Site

I was born in Detroit and raised in one of the western 'burbs. My dad's family came to Detroit in the 1920's from Missouri and my mom's parents were married there in 1922, her father originally from East Tawas, Michigan and her mother from Minster, Ohio. So, I really don't have a huge history of burials in the Detroit area. One cemetery I keep going back to, however, is Mt Olivet on the east side of Detroit. My mother's mother is buried there, my mother's brother and sister-in-law are buried there, my DH's grandparents are buried there. And then a relative here and there. So, I was pleasantly surprised when one of the Wild Ones alerted me to the Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association's website. The site incorporates records from Mt Elliott Cemetery, Mt. Olivet cemetery, Resurrection Cemetery, All Saints Cemetery, Guardian Angel Cemetery and The Preserve.

Not only did I find the expected graves there, I found a great-aunt and great-uncle for DH. Great-uncle's death date was previously unknown. I found some additional records for relatives of my mother, too. Great site!

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  1. The link seems to be broken.

    I don't have many relatives buried in Detroit, but there are a few. That would definitely be one more tool to try and locate their burial places.

    Going to Google it now.

  2. Sorry. Try this one (cut and paste into your browser's address bar):

  3. TennLady,
    I am so VERY glad you found our new website and the genealogy feature in particular - and before we even made a public announcement! We knew that the ability to look up loved ones would be useful and well-received but it's even better than we could have imagined. Have you noticed the "Tributes" area? It's not well populated yet, but we think it will become very meaningful as more people honor their relatives. Should you have any suggestions for us on how to improve the site, we are always open to them. Thank you so much for the positive review of our work.
    Kari Wood
    Marketing Coordinator
    Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association

  4. Ooh, I didn't see that. I'll have to take a look.

    I've been to the cemetery many times, since my husband and I both have a few family members buried there. Since I live quite a ways south now, this is great.