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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Do It!

Andrea & her uncle Mike - 1983
For years, I've been trying to get myself to get photos organized. In fact, after we moved to Tennessee, I warned both of my daughters that if there were any photos that they wanted, they would need to start going through all the bins of photos we brought here with us and I would put them in albums. Because younger daughter did hers over the Thanksgiving holiday, I rushed through them and put them all in an album for her. Older daughter, who was finishing up her degree at Tennessee Tech at the time, took longer to finish culling photos. Sad to say they are still waiting for me to put them in an album. Bad mommy! I've let that project go for any number of projects instead -- such as the two cookbooks I put together for the daughters after Christmas, the letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother during WWI, and now the letters my grandfather and other family members wrote to my uncle during WWII. Since my DH's input is very important, I am dragging him into this project also. This picture of my younger daughter and her uncle (my brother) taken back in 1983, really is making me anxious to get going on sorting through those pictures.

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  1. I've got a lot of photos to sort also. There are so many, I wonder if it will ever be done!

  2. I did mine last year, I truthfully scanned about 10,000 photos - 47 years worth + my parent's photos and then all the really old photos that I had inherited. I then made envelopes for each year going back to 1941 (year my parents married) and put paper photos in those...then for the years befoe I was born I made envelopes for like 1930-1940, 1920-1930, etc. Everythings digital now, thank God...I plan on making each of my kids a disc with all these pics on and they can do what they want with them. It took almost a full year to do all this.