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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pardon Me While I ...

It's that time of year. Pre-Thanksgiving mania is starting. Older daughter's concern with Thanksgiving is the Lions and Packers game. Those of you who don't follow football, that is the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers playing in the traditional Thanksgiving day match. OD has really gotten us all interested in football again. So interested, that I watched the end of the Tennessee Tech-Austin Peay game and watched TTU win their first Ohio Valley Conference title since 1975.

My concern with Thanksgiving, is the food. I am trying to find low-carb alternatives for some traditional family fare. Baking starts tomorrow.

Then of course there are the Christmas cards to address and the Christmas letter to write. The first part is done - it's the second part that is giving me headaches. There are some people that I would dearly like to update on our family, but this year's letter is particularly difficult to write.  Oh and all the cards are sitting on my desk taking up valuable real estate where I would normally pile to-do stuff or to-file stuff. Not that those items aren't on my desk, they are, just covered with piles of addressed, stamped & stuffed envelopes.

Not to mention Christmas shopping. I have actually done some. I really like stuff I make myself for special treats and hope the recipients feel the same. Even the bigger stuff is not so much an issue this year. This year's gift recipients include the new addition to our family, Miss Belle Starr, Younger Daughter's adopted cat. Belle is also coming for Thanksgiving and has become very attached to her grandma, grandpa and auntie!

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