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Friday, November 4, 2011


I am writing this Tuesday while prepping for our weekend trip for my niece's wedding, trying to get blogs in the can so to speak before we leave.

Things still left to do:

1. Find a pair of shoes for the wedding. How difficult can it be to find a pair of black heels to wear? Well, I guess totally difficult since I have not yet found a pair. Okay, it has been 3 years since I wore heels. Since retirement, I've worn sandals and tennis shoes. I have one pair of black heels and the last time I wore them I thought I was gonna die. I haven't had a new pair of heels since before 2006. It's time. Now if I could just find a pair. - Well I actually accomplished this. I found a pair of black pumps. I WAS going to buy this pair of black suede half-boots that they had in my size, but the heels were too high and I got a cramp in my calf when I tried to walk in them. Comfort wins!

2. I am still printing out to-do lists. The first one for the Lexington, Kentucky public library is 28 pages long. I rarely get more than a couple pages done. I am specifically going through the list to pick out the ones I want first. One hopefully will be a future Thriller Thursday. The other one is my listing for Lexington Cemetery. This has gotten much smaller over the years, but still needs work. I may even get a chance to take a look at it and see if anyone has posted images for any of the remainders over on Find-A-Grave.

3. I need a card for the wedding.

4. Usual housekeeping stuff needs to be caught up.

5. Packing. Maybe I should remove the price tags from my outfit before I pack it?

6. Hair cut. Fortunately, this will get done this afternoon.

Have I left anything out?

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