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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Census Update - The Final Countdown

As it stood Sunday night, I still had 114 census left to go in the great Census Review project. Every group of census that I print out, it seems there are two or three that are missing previous census records. I am working in the 1920 census, so sometimes that means I need to go back as far as 1900 or 1880 to pick up the ones I missed. I predict that I will add at least 3 to the queue with this batch. That seems to be the average. Hopefully I won't have another day like I did over the weekend where I added 2 for every record I already had.

My original goal was to be done by March 31, 2012, in anticipation of the 1940 census. Then I revised that to February 29th. Now I am hoping to be done by February 17th! That might be pushing it a bit, but I will be so glad to have this done. After all, it isn't like I don't have other projects begging for my attention. The interim update is that I stand now at 33 and counting. New target date is February 12th.

It is very handy to have OCFRD (Obsessive Compulsive Family Research Disease) though. Maybe I should have a subcategory of Obsessive Compulsive Census Collecting Disease!


The above was written Monday morning February 6th. As it stands Thursday evening, February 9th, the project is complete.  My final count of census images that I added to my database was 639. I averaged almost 16 per day. Having said that, I did the last 43 on the 9th.

On to other projects.

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