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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Too-Too Thursday - Nannie Bowman Moore

As I said as I am working on census, I occasionally find someone for whom I've entered census, but not saved the image, or someone for whom I haven't done the census work either. Nannie Bowman Moore is the former. I have the census for this family entered, but no images saved, so I thought I would go in and snag them quickly. Yeah. No.

I found the 1880 and 1900 census without any problem. 1920 wasn't a problem. Sure, I could have gone in and searched using the ED's, but how can you mess up Moore? Well, Moore wasn't the problem. I chose Nannie to search by, using Nan*, because that should be fairly easy, unless they used initials. They lived in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, so I added Kentucky and Mercer (county) to the mix. Found them in 1880 without a problem as I said. Nannie's husband Bacon Rochester Moore (or Baken) died in 1889. Nannie was easy to find in 1900. Not so much 1910. In 1910, the census taker listed her as Mrs. B. R. Moore. Hello? Her husband died in 1889. We're into the 20th century at this point. But I found her, eliminating Nan* and just searching for Moore in Mercer County, Kentucky again.

In 1920, she pops right up again. No problem. In 1930 searching Nan* Moore, Kentucky, Mercer did not find her. So again I remove the Nan* and just search for Moore, Kentucky, Mercer and there she is indexed under ... wait for it ... Wannie Moore. The indexer should get glasses because it is clearly written as Nannie.

Time wasted searching for Nannie Bowman Moore on 5 census? Fifteen minutes. Time spent blogging about it? Another ten minutes. Did I find anything else I didn't have before? No. Did I add anything to the census queue? Yes, 6 census - I also found one for her son, Bacon R. Moore, Jr. for which I had no image. And I got one blog post out of it. WIN!

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