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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too-Too Thursday - 1940 Census Fun

Portions of the 1940 census are searchable on both Family Search and Ancestry. How are you going about searching the 1940 census? 

I have two methods, The "Who was There?" report on RootsMagic v 5 and GenSmarts v's 1940 census features. I simply put in the state and year, i.e. Delaware 1940 and I am given a list of people to search for.

RootsMagic v is a little more complicated, as it is inefficient if you haven't geocoded your entire database. It also gave me a lot of people to search that didn't make any sense. Both programs gave me something to work with, and that is what I needed.

Now to get the 92 census reports I found ready for extraction and linking!

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