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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Too-Too Thursday-Visitors

For the last 38 days,  we've been the host to Older Daughter's two cats, Tonks & Luna. Despite, Tonks' relentless attacks upon the couch, we have had a great visit with them. Older Daughter returned from her trip to Australia the 30th of April to find that in her absence her apartment has become infested with fleas. We were glad her cats were staying with us, and have treated them just in case. I'm really glad they are indoor cats only. Many, many treatments to her apartment later it looks like she may finally get back into her own place and take her cats with her.

Tonks, right at home on our bed.

Luna's favorite spot to chill out!
In the meantime, I think the cat hair is causing my allergies to kick in something fierce. It is so hard to refuse Luna's offer to sit on my lap while I am working on blog posts. She loves to leave tons of white cat hair everywhere! And when I am working in my office, that is when she wants to sit on my lap, or across the back of my chair. The smaller cat, Tonks is very kitten-like and has really attached herself to me. They're going to be missed very much.

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