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Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Visit!

DH and I are excited that his first cousin once removed, Dave, is coming for a visit from Buffalo, New York.

Twenty years ago, when I first interviewed DH's dad about his family, he said his mother's youngest sister lived in Buffalo with her husband Ferdinand and that they had two sons.  I had a set of US phone books on CD-ROM (does anyone use that term anymore?) and looked at the Buffalo area for their surname and voila! found a man by each name. The surname - Danish - is not real common.

Two letters were written. One came back, "sorry, no relation." The other came back with photos of  my father-in-law's family. This was indeed a "hit."

Our first visit was that summer.

Now, when my DH makes fun of my family history searching, I just say his cousin's name. It leaves him speechless!

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