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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Too-Too Thursday - Oscar Meyer

Not THAT Oscar Meyer. The one I am thinking of is my mom's uncle, Oscar Ferdinand Meyer, known at least to her as Uncle Fred.

I looked all over for Oscar on the 1940 census. I did not find him there. So I also searched I found him, born in Ohio in 1906, married to Mary E. and father of Jeanne. Wait a minute --- yes -- that is exactly what the census says. Sigh.

Here is the search from I did not search for him living in Ohio, because I knew he wasn't. I only searched for him born in Ohio in 1906 +/- 5 years. search did not find him. Later on when I tried to duplicate the search, I got quite a few more Oscar Meyers living in other places, but still not the one I wanted. The one I wanted was living in Norfolk, Virginia, born in Ohio in 1906, daughter born in Michigan. Why the census taker transcribed Mary E. and Jeanne, I have no idea. Like researching isn't hard enough?

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  1. I have been getting weird searches from lately --- every thing but the kitchen sink, but not what I searched for -- even tho I was quite specific. GRRRR