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Monday, October 15, 2012

My Name Game - Part Two

 Now, here are my mother's names. Growing up, I only heard two names Zimmeth and Meyer. Zimmeth, of course being my mom's maiden name and Meyer being her mother's. The other name I heard was Ochsenfeld or Ochenfeld, which is the name of the aunt and uncle who raised my mom.

Zimmeth - mom's maiden name. Her father was Charles Zimmeth. He was the son of August Zimmeth and Augusta Wilhelmina Cleasotte.
Meyer - Luetta. Mom's mother. Until my mother was an adult, she thought her mother's name was Loretta. Luetta was the daughter of Joseph Meyer & Amelia Knost.
Knost - My great-grandmother, Amelia or Emilia Knost, married Joseph Meyer.
Kettler - Amelia's mother was Charlotte Kettler. Charlotte married Gerhard Knost.
Kleesaat - Or Klevesaat/Klesat/Clesat/Cleasotte, etc. Christian Kleesaat was my great-great grandfather. He married Wilhelmina Zabrack.
Zabrack - I've blogged about this one before. The name may or may not be correct. No clue other than Prussia to tell me where they came from.
Boegler - Catherine Boegler married Josef Zimmeth and were August's parents. 

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