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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Name Game

The Wild Ones used to keep a list of really crazy names we came across in our researching. This is NOT that list. This list contains the names I am researching. First, I will break it down to my dad's line.

Percival - yes, my maiden name. One of my projects has been working on the descendants of James Percival and Mary Rainsford.
Bowman - My dad's mother was Mary Anne Bowman, daughter of Frank G. Bowman and Elizabeth Webb.
Maitland - my maternal great grandmother was Helen Maitland, daughter of Alexander Maitland and Mary Oliphant.
Webb - great grandmother, Elizabeth "Bessie" Webb, daughter of John Garland Webb and Elizabeth Carter.
Carter - Elizabeth Carter, my g-g-grandmother was the daughter of Edwin Carter and Ann Paul.
Oliphant - Mary Oliphant (above) was the daughter of Alexander Oliphant and Martha McMekin.
Davidson - Susan Davidson married John Stearns Percival. Her parents were Nathaniel Davidson and Anne Estes.
Estes - Anne Estes parents were Littleberry Estes and Mary Ann "Polly" Wade.
Kirtley - Dr. John Stearns Percival married for his second wife, Sarah Ann Kirtley. Their children included John Stearns Percival who married Susan Davidson.
Chinn - Mary Elizabeth Chinn, daughter of Dr. Joseph Graves Chinn and Barbara Garland Graves married John Parker Bowman. They were the parents of Frank Bowman above.

Those are my major lines on my dad's side. Another time, I'll work on my mom's line.

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